Do you want some fun in your life? Do you love to watch funny videos and laugh with your friends and family? Or maybe you simply enjoy taking the medicine of laughter to end all your life’s troubles. If any of the above is the case with you, then my friend, you have come to the right place! Today we have a special youtube channel for you that is all about entertainment and laughter. 

Funny Dubbing Videos

Silly Dubbing is a youtube channel that will have you entertained like no other. It’s not your usual entertainment channel. It’s different! This channel has new types of funny videos that belong to the niche of dubbing. What’s dubbing?

For those who don’t know, dubbing is a process of replacing the dialogues of an existing video with new dialogues. The process of dubbing is generally used in the film industry to translate a movie. They simply remove dialogues of one language and add the same dialogues but in a different language. But what if we change the dialogues too 😁! Changing the dialogues of a movie or any recorded video clip can totally add new meaning to the same scene. This type of dubbing is not merely a process but it is an art. An art in which The Silly Dubbing excels. 

The above video is just a glimpse of this rib-tickling art, but there is much more to enjoy on his youtube channel. Whose youtube channel? Well I don’t know the man behind these videos personally. He just calls himself The Silly Dubber, and he indeed is. He has a great sense of humor. He removes the original dialogues of a video clip and adds his own silly dialogues which makes those videos totally hilarious. This man has this special ability which can make even the most serious video scenes sound really funny. And apart from this, he is a good video editor as well. He edits and lip syncs his new dialogues so well that you won’t even realize that it’s not original, if you don’t already know it.

On this youtube channel you will find him dubbing various kinds of videos. There are some interview videos,several movie scenes, and even some famous music videos with totally different and silly lyrics that you will surely love to enjoy watching. And you may realize that this man is a great music artist as well 😅. So if you like funny videos, subscribe to this channel now and share some of your funny moments with us as well in the comments section below.