The modern lifestyle is full of stress. Most people live in cities, they spend their lives chasing money, they desire more material possessions and have bigger ambitions. Their lives have become a race. And in this race, all their basic needs are being left behind. We are human beings, basically a species of animals and a part of mother nature. Our basic needs involve good food, love of friends and family, and attachment with mother nature. And these are the things that bring us peace of mind and true happiness. No amount of money and material possession can replace the importance of these basic needs in our lives.

Due to these reasons, most people today are dealing with the stress and anxieties associated with modern day lifestyle. In this situation what can help you is giving more importance to your family and spending some time in natural surroundings. But if you are lacking time and resources to spend time with nature, we have found a really great youtube channel for you that can help you out!

Quiet is a mental health and wellness channel devoted to what we all genuinely love: Mother Nature. Their goal is to build a web-based Quiet Place where everybody can be a part of the same tranquil community, allowing them to let go of their stressful thoughts and relax their minds and bodies. Scenic and soothing nature videos can brighten your day whenever you need a break from your daily routine. Here you’ll find calming music, relaxing sounds, and calming Nature movies, as well as beautiful animals, flowers, rain, rivers, and much more, all created and blended especially for that purpose.

This is a really soothing and lovely video of a panda eating its food with full involvement and excitement. It seems like this cute panda has no worry about what’s happening in the rest of the world and all he knows at this moment is just to eat some yummy food. And that science makes us feel really calm and happy.

This is a really fascinating video of the Maldives taken while flying over its majestic landscapes. This video takes you to heaven on Earth where you can experience the Indian Ocean’s turquoise and emerald waters from the air. Immerse yourself in the wonderful colours and atmospheres with tranquil music and relaxing ambient sounds.

This is a really great youtube channel for anybody who wants to break free from the stressful lives of modern times. Just watch these videos and give yourself a relaxing dose of beautiful nature, whenever you want.