These days, human life has become a race. People are always on the run, to achieve more and gather more resources. But they have no time to take a pause and admire the resources they already have. People just want more, and this leaves them stressful and filled with anxiety. In fact, such a behaviour has become rooted in our society these days. We learn to think this way only and don’t realise that this is not the only way to live our lives. 

Progress is never bad, it is in fact good and the very essence of life. But this desire for progress doesn’t have to result in stress and anxiety. There are ways in which you can keep yourself satisfied and happy, which also increases your productivity, resulting in more progress. These ways involve meditation, mindfulness practices, soothing music therapies, and most important of all, having the right mindset. 

And for those who want to learn these ways of life, there’s a great youtube channel which you should definitely check out!

Dear Me – The Calm Place is a youtube channel by Natascha. She is a breast cancer survivor, and as such, she is well aware of the significance of striking a healthy balance between one’s physical, spiritual, and mental well-being in the fast-paced world of today. That’s why, in this channel, you will find a lot of videos to help you with just that. 

There are many guided meditation videos to help you realise your full potential. There are many soothing music and nature sound videos to help you stay calm and peaceful. And finally, there are a lot of mindset guide videos to help focus your energy on what’s actually needed. 

In this video, Dr. Joe Vitale discusses his ideas and beliefs regarding The Law of Attraction and ways to build the life you want. It’s about improving the way you think. Because your thoughts, your words, words become actions, actions become your habits; habits become your character and that becomes your destiny.

Meditation performed on a daily basis helps us declutter our brains and live in the present moment. According to research done on the topic, meditating can enhance your capacity to focus on multiple things at once and boost your attention span. It has the potential to improve not just your performance at work but also your whole quality of life.

This is a really great youtube channel for anybody who wants to become a better person and live a better life. So watch all these videos and share your thoughts about them in the comments below.