Share markets and forex markets have always attracted people like strong magnets do. The huge amount of money that circulates through these markets has made most of us greedy, sometime in our lives. But it is always sooner than later that we realize that markets are ruthless; and dreams easily turn into nightmares!

The financial markets are more about learning and understanding than about investing and earning. The latter comes much later! I have therefore been in search of good resources to learn about the markets, for quite a time. And to my good luck and yours, I have found a few good ones. But this blog is about YouTube, so here i will discuss a YouTube channel that is all about getting deep and practical insights into forex markets.

INSTRUCT FX is a YouTube channel by Andrew Mreana. He is a financial market expert who has worked with many retail & institutional forex brokerages in Europe, and has 10 years of experience in educating people on the forex markets. His passion for technical analysis has earned him the title of “The Chart Whisperer” among his colleagues. And to our good luck, he is now on YouTube for the past four years, to share his priceless understanding on the working of financial markets with us.

What is this forex markets channel about

This channel is about forex markets but we also get time to time insights on cryptocurrencies and general working of financial markets as a whole. Andrew has a great ability to explain complex systems and relationships in an easy language. His videos consist mainly of his personal views, opinions and forecasts, and you can watch them to learn from his point of view and his way of thinking about the markets. The best part is that unlike many other youtube channels on forex markets, Andrew is not selling his services. Neither is he selling any of those so called holy grail indicators, systems, strategies or quick tips that are supposed to work like charm and always land you in profit. Through this channel, Andrew only shares his understanding and opinions on the forex markets and it is up to you what you learn from them.

What we get to see and how it can help

We get to see detailed analysis of all the important events around the world and learn from his point of view (occasionally of other market experts as well) on how an event can affect the markets.

We also get to see weekly videos on pre-market open analysis, videos on market direction next week, forex chart analysis and related talks with other experts.

From time to time, he also makes videos to intimate us with market realities and warn us of scams. There is also a dedicated playlist for those who are new to forex markets. If you are a newbie, you should definitely watch those videos.

Final Words

This channel does not contain a structured course on forex trading. So if you are looking for that, it’s not the right place. But if you are looking for practical insight and want to understand how experts think about and look at the markets, then this channel is definitely worth a place on your subscriptions list.