Every person at one point in their life feels some curiosity about the financial market including the share market and the forex market. There is a lot of money flowing through these markets which attract everybody at some point. Of course, who doesn’t want to get rich? Everybody thinks that if they can understand the financial market or find some short trick, then they will never run out of money in their life. 

Sadly there is no short trick when it comes to understanding the forex market. Being able to make money from the forex market is no child’s play and is probably the most difficult thing in the world to do. It generally takes years of experience and passion towards the market to be able to see what is actually happening. However, with the right knowledge and right guidance, your journey can be easier. While the internet today is filled with lots of fake “get rich fast tips”, there are only a handful of sources that give you true education. Today we will talk about one such youtube channel that can offer you the right guidance about the forex markets.

Understand The Forex Markets

DOT Financial News is a youtube channel by Andrew. He is a financial expert and has over 10 years of experience in teaching people about the forex markets. His deep understanding of the price movements has earned him the title “The Chart Whisperer” from his colleagues. Andrew believes that with the right knowledge and understanding of the forex markets, it can be very easy to predict price movements. However, only a few people are able to do this because most people lack the right knowledge. Andrew believes that education about the financial markets is the highest form of education and therefore he is on a mission to educate us all about the financial markets. So let’s join him on this educational journey and see some videos from his channel. 

This is a very inside full video from his “Forex Trading for Beginners” playlist. Through this video, Andrew educates us about some of the most common forex trading strategies. Forex trading is a versatile game and there are a lot of strategies that different traders use based on their own styles. However, a new trader must understand that there are no shortcuts in trading. And there is no such strategy that can be always profitable. Every strategy has a risk associated with it and only the trader who knows how to manage the risk will be profitable in the long term.

This is another video from his channel in which he talks about making investments in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a burning topic right now as they are new and their prices witness huge fluctuations every day. Many people are attracted by their newness and the amount of money they can make. But it is really important to know the right way of doing this, otherwise, there can be huge losses instead of even small profits.

This YouTube channel has really good videos and it is for you if you want to understand the market. It does not give you fast tips and tricks for sure shot profits, so if you are looking for shortcuts, it’s not the place for you. However, if you are looking to understand the market in detail, this is certainly a great channel for you.