Science is a wonderful way in which we study the things around us and the world we live in. Science allows us to look at things with curiosity and think what it is, why it is and even what else it can be or what it will be like in the future.

Studying about what and why reveals many important mysteries to us. We are forced to think, what is universe, why Mars exists, what is beneath the earth, why global warming is happening and what not. Thinking about what can be reveals different possibilities to us. What it would be like to live underwater, how the world will end, how to  become a superhero and so many things. Probably these are the stuff for science fiction but they are still science. 

And if you are interested in everything science from confuddling mysteries to exciting and entertaining science fiction, then just keep reading. Because we have a great youtube podcast to share with you!

TheAquaPhi is a youtube channel that brings to you interesting podcasts about intriguing mysteries of science. The author however makes sure that we enjoy the journey and that’s why he picks unique topics. Things that are interesting and solutions we don’t generally think about find their way into this podcast. The author brings to you a wide variety of podcasts that keeps you up on scientific knowledge and entertained as well. 

Let’s checkout some intriguing videos from this channel!

Here is a really interesting science podcast. It talks about what time it is on Mars right now. It is not generally the thing that we think of but reading the title of this video, it really intrigues our minds. What if there were people on Mars just like we are here on Earth, then what kind of time difference would exist between us and them? Appears pretty difficult to know. So let’s just watch the video to see what the authors have to say about it.

Here’s another interesting video from this channel.

This is a podcast based on a 2022 movie ‘The Batman.’ As we discussed above, the channel takes interest in science fiction as well and brings to us some really interesting topics from movies and literature to think about. This video for example talks about arousing the Batman sleeping within all of us. What we can learn from his personality and how we can be like him ourselves and other science stuff.

This is a really great youtube channel for anybody interested in science and related stories. There are a lot of videos each being a great source of knowledge and entertainment along with satisfying our thirst for science. So watch these videos and tell us about your favourite scientific mysteries in the comments below.