Photography is the art of capturing moments into images. Anybody can take photos, but the art is about taking photos that speak to the beholder. A photo taken at the right moment, in the right situation and from the right angle can be really impactful. It can allow people to experience the world from a variety of perspectives. 

The abilities of the photographer are ultimately what matters the most. With the right skills, photography is such a strong medium that allows us to share valuable experiences with other people by means of still photographs. Because of such photography, we are able to appreciate and contemplate the diverse situations and events that have been preserved in time. 

And if you are the type of person who has always been fascinated by wonderful and upbeat photography, then just keep reading. Because we have discovered a good youtube channel about photography and we are just about to share it!

Peter Gallina is a UK based professional photographer. Since 1995, he has been producing iconic images that are also sarcastic and will be remembered forever. This YouTube channel highlights some of his older work (from the mid to late 1990s), along with examples of some of his most recent projects. 

The process of digital imaging was still in its infancy during the 1990s. Yet, using the brilliant skills of photographers, iconic images were still produced during that time. Those images are impactful even today, and this channel showcases some of the best works of Peter Gallina during that time. 

The channel also showcases some of his earliest attempts at videography, using the best technology available at that time. Videos are definitely a more effective way to convey a story. With moving images, it feels like everything is happening right in front of your eyes.

Photos however have a stronger impact on your experiences and emotions. Seeing a perfectly shot photo immediately sparks imagination in our brain, drawing inferences from our own memories and fantasies. That’s what leads to a strong emotional impact. 

For those who have an interest in photography and related skills, this youtube channel has many videos that are worth watching. They are sure to spark your interest further. So just watch these videos and don’t forget to drop a comment on your thoughts about them below.