If you need to revamp your graphic design skills, but you don’t know how, look no further. Because I found a channel with entertaining videos and graphic design tutorials, made by a professional as well. Hence, great teaching while actually enjoying every second.

The channel I am going to talk about today is rather a new channel. As of now it has just one year of presence on YouTube; but watching its videos, you certainly realize its worth for would-be graphic designers.

Graphics design is an art, and as an art it comes from within you and belongs to your personality. It cannot be taught to you by somebody else. But modern day graphic design operates in the digital era and it has much more to it than pencils and papers. In present times, graphics design is totally done with the help of various advanced graphic design softwares, and if you are not skilled with them, you simply lack the wherewithal to express your creativity and become a graphic designer. And this channel provides you with just that.

loana Codrean is a new age graphic designer and photographer with expertise in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Premiere Pro, among others. She is now here on YouTube to share her design skills, experiences and challenges with us.

What We Get On This Channel

Through this channel, Ioana shares with us various tutorial videos for adobe illustrator and photoshop. These tutorials help us to get started with these softwares and learn basics as well as some advanced ways of working with them. 

We also get tutorial videos on various specific applications of these softwares like face retouching through photoshop or make images glow through illustrator. From time to time she also shares with us some theoretical videos explaining various concepts from the field of graphic design.

What makes these tutorials pro and enjoyable

Ioana explains the process of working with these softwares with the help of very simple exercises such as drawing flowers or drawing a face. Further, the videos are included with short text commentaries to make it even easier for us to understand the exact process. A thing that I personally like is that most videos are of short duration ranging from 1 minute to 10 minutes, which makes it easier for us to keep learning even if we are on a tight schedule. However there are some really long videos as well that explain drawing complex graphics, for the advanced learners. Through the videos, she also shows various tips and tricks that she has learned from her own experiences, to make working with these softwares even easier.

My final words

This channel doesn’t contain videos on how to grow one’s business as a graphic designer or how to find your first clients. That is probably the stage second. The first stage is of those people who are looking forward to skill themselves in graphic design, and this channel is made for such people in mind. If you are one such person, I suggest you should certainly go through this channel and experience for yourself how easy Ioana has made it.