Traveling is one of the most satisfying and exciting activities to do in one’s life. When you travel to other regions of the world, you broaden your perspective on things like culture, cuisine, architecture, music, as well as the way people go about their daily lives. These experiences help you form deeper personal relationships with humanity as a whole. Traveling helps you understand the struggles and success of people in different parts. It gives you a new perspective on life, which can help you make your own life better. 

In fact, traveling can also make you happier and stress free. While you are traveling, you are truly living in the moment. Plus, leaving everything aside, traveling comes with a lot of excitement, adventures and memories. And those who travel already know that. So if you love to travel as well, here’s a great youtube channel to relive many amazing travel moments. Let’s check it out!

Catherine Christmas is a youtube channel that is all about amazing travel moments and stories. Catherine is working woman who is also an avid traveler and adventure seeker. She loves to learn about different places and cultures and have all the amazing experiences that the place has to offer. She created this channel to share all her wonderful memories and travel stories that can touch the soul of all the travel lovers.

Catherine likes to travel to a variety of different places and here are some of the exciting videos from her channel!

The journey to St. Mary’s Glacier is known for its breathtaking vistas of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, as well as its picturesque lake and, of course, the glacier. Because of its proximity to Idaho Springs, it makes a perfect spot for a day trip. You will be able to take pleasure in the trek, the fresh air, and the stunning scenery. Watch The video to live the experience along with some exciting facts that Catherine shares during the journey.

The religious and spiritual heart of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Hagia Sophia, is the focal point of the Old City of Istanbul. It was originally constructed by an eastern Roman emperor and has been important for both the Orthodox Christians and Muslims since then. Watch the video to appreciate the architectural beauty and feel the cultural importance.

Along with these amazing travel videos, Catherine also shares many videos and shorts about some of her best experiences, traveling tips, personal opinions and more. Overall, it’s a great youtube channel for anybody interested in traveling and related content. So if you have these interests, do watch these amazing videos and also share your own traveling experience in the comments area below.