Jov Mit’s YouTube channel uploads informative videos about test-driven development. The developer’s real name is Jovche Mitrejchevski, owner of Jov Mit, and he belongs to Netherlands.

He is an expert in code development for the test-driven coding and aims to let people learn about the coding language and allowing subscribers to enhance their development skills. After watching his videos, I assure you that your confidence will rise, and you will play better with coding.

He created his YouTube Channel back in 2011 with the goal to train his viewers about the fundamentals of Test-Driven Development, best evolutionary design, disciplined and professional programming, and a lot more around coding and developing.

What is Test-Driven Development?

Test-driven development refers to the software development method in which software requirements are converted into test cases before developing the software. The software is repeatedly tested against the test cases during the development process. Test-Driven Development, also known as the TDD, was started in 2003.

My Favorites on Jov Mit’s YouTube Channel

The videos are long as the complex coding is created and edited in the live stream videos, so that makes it one of the best YouTube channel if you are a developer. There are many videos with well-described coding for developing test-driven development of the coding on the channel but here are my favorites.

  • Improving design

The first video on his YouTube channel, named Jov Mit, is improving the design which is my top favorite. The design of the website depends on the coding and many codes look okay, but they may not be correct and efficient from the design perspective. The coding sentences written for fetching are correct in the video, but they are static, making it impossible to test the code. Similarly, the issues are present in filtering and reordering code sentences. The sentences are changed to shorter, and the code is updated to remove the issues in the coding. You will better understand the process if you watch the video.

  • Friends App Android Client

Friend’s App Android Client video is the second best on the Jov Mit’s YouTube channel among numerous other videos. Every step of coding is recorded in the video with clarity to understand how the Friends App is developed. Watching the complete series starting from part 1 is highly recommended; otherwise, you may miss some interesting coding instructions. The description of the videos shows the timeline, which helps you jump into the part of the video to acquire information instantly. That acts as a content list for the topics that are included in each video. He received a very positive response from viewers for this video because of the exciting features.

  • Inside Out TDD Search Functionality

Inside Out TDD video is about the development of software using the inside out-approach. Inside-Out approach focuses more on the essentials of the software. The videos are 25 minutes long, and you will not find your single minute wasted. He has made this video to give you the maximum help. There are almost eight videos in the series of inside-out TDD that you will find on the Jov Mit YouTube Channel. The clear screencast is shared with a clear voice and instructions throughout the process, so if one wants to practice it, he/she can do it conveniently.

Final Words

So, that was all about Jov Mit’s YouTube channel. If you are a developer curious about test-driven development check out his channel and inform us about your experience. But one thing is sure, that is a crazy good free resource if you wanna learn or improve your skills related to Test-driven development.