The YouTube channel featured today represents the work of a producer of electronic dance music. He has produced so many electronic remix versions of popular songs of different genres that explains how talented he is.

Some songs on his channel are his own and are equally great. The most fantastic thing about his channel is the massive variety of music that draws the attention of music addicts of different genres and styles. 

EDM YouTube music by Iam ThinteL – A must watch…or listen!

How often do you bump into channels that offer nothing but pure joy, where you get to feel emotions like no other? Iam TintheL YouTube channel provides that same experience with the artistic music it has. And to experience that, you will have to go through the channel’s playlist. If you are someone who’s into remix music, it has lots of EDM remix for you. And if you are into a subtle romantic pop song vibe, you can still dive into his channel and find great content for you.

My Favorites Tracks On iam TintheL YouTube Channel

People like me are not genre specific and like good music regardless of the category. So, I found a couple of songs on the iam TintheL YouTube channel where the music won me. But of course, I can’t pen them all down, so here are the top favorites that I’m mostly listening to these days.

  1. Please Me – Cardi B, Bruno Mars (EDM Remix)

Both Cardi B and Bruno Mars need no introduction, and together they are a force. So, when their song ‘Please Me’ came out, it instantaneously became a huge hit. But I didn’t know that it could get presented in such a way that it seems new. Tinsel added that feeling to it. The altered electronic tone of the background music somehow complimented the song even better than the original. To know how good the outcome is, you need to check it out.

  1. U – Tinthel (Official music video)

You need to check out the track named U, which is an original by Tinsel. Leave the music and vocals for a second, and let’s talk about the video first. The color grading and the direction is fantastic in it, and the concept is unique too. Who doesn’t like a song that ends on a good note where the leads are happy and together. The track starts with impressive violins and pianos like a lovely love song, but then it gains the pace. Maybe the shift is the reason for the soundtrack being streamed on Spotify for 150k+ times. You have to check it out, and perhaps you can dance on the beats a little.

  1. Love – More than 1-hour loop

I don’t know about you, but I’ve days when I only want to listen to the same kind of music on loop and do nothing else. So, when I found hour long music compilations with different themes, I instantly subscribed. And it sounded so good, which is always a plus. If you want to live peacefully in bliss, thinking about your favorite person in the world for an hour or more, listen to Tinthel’s love loop.

  1. Rise – Acoustic Version

Last but not least is the track named ‘rise’ on iam TintheL YouTube channel. There are so many versions that the talented guy created, but I like the acoustic version the most as it added an emotional aspect and depth to it. Overall, the song is so calming and peaceful. The music sounded like a mix of Selena Gomez’s and Taylor swift’s music, and I’m not complaining about it.

Here I’m ending my suggestion for iam TintheL YouTube channel, and I hope you will go on the platform and check out his music because it’s worth listening to.

And while we wait for this pandemic to end and start enjoying music and electronic concerts live, like the image above, we can still find great joy by listening new and great edm tracks on YouTube!