The Christian Expats is a mind-blowing YouTube Channel that present videos for peace of your mind and heart. The channel got created on March 3, 2018. The two girls Stella and Cassey making videos belong to the Philippines, but they live in Dubai. They are Christians and share stories, tools, and tips to understand Christianity and follow it for the happiest life and saying goodbye to depression.

About This Channel from Christian Expats

The channel aims to share inspiring stories for overseas Philippine people and guide them on how they can connect and communicate with Jesus Christ. They tell us through their fascinating stories that God has a great plan for you as an ex-pat. The channel brings videos related to overseas Filipino Witnesses to encourage and soothe ex-pats psychologically. The new videos are posted regularly for the viewers.

Videos I Liked the Most

All the videos on the Christian Expats YouTube Channel are unique, and choosing the best one is hard. The speakers are so polite and always smiling that I enjoy listening to their sweet stories all the time. But there are some videos I liked the most, and you can visit The Christian Expat YouTube Channel and witness it yourself.

You are NOT who you THINK you are! Christian Identity for Singles

You are not who you think you are is one of my beloved videos on the YouTube Channel that starts with the question that who or what shapes your identity? Yes, this is an important question which we have never given a thought about. We start thinking about ourselves the way people want us to be, but it is not correct. We should relate our identity to Jesus Christ only. That will bring us the glory.

This piece says that if you are not married or single yet, and your age fellows have families, they will see you as an underachiever, but Jesus Christ will love you the way you are and do not care about your achievements in life. So we should find our identity in Jesus Christ, not what people say about us.

5 Books EVERY Christian Should Read – Best Christian Books for Beginning Readers (Philippines)

The next video that is worth mentioning here is 5 Books Every Christian Should Read. The first book shared in the video is Women of the world; this is an amazing book that guides the readers to read the Bible and understand it, not just read the text. Similarly, the other four books shared in this YouTube video are Fervent, My Utmost for His Highest, 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, and In His Image by John Wilkins.

What you get in these books is nicely explained in this video. Each word spoken is valuable for any Christian. The books shared should be read by all Christians. These books are amazing that teach us how to pray and live. So watch this amazing video to know more about these books.

How to be MOTIVATED if you DON’T feel like it?

How to be motivated if you don’t feel like it? That is also a short video but interesting. Cassey shares about how we can motivate ourselves. She shares the verse that says that we are the salt of the earth and light of the world. Salt and light positively influence the things around them, so we should be like salt and light and influence the people in our surroundings with little acts of kindness. It does not matter that it brings only a minor benefit; we should continue to do so. The Bible also says that whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. That is so true and can change our lives. In the end, I loved the sentence that says, ‘looks in the mirror and the one looking back should be the source of encouragement.’ That was a heart cherishing moment in the video.