The world is changing drastically. Every day, there are new discoveries and inventions that change the way we live. The pace of change is only accelerating, and it can be difficult to keep up. But it’s also exciting to think about all the possibilities for the future. Who knows what we’ll be able to achieve in the next few years?
Let’s understand this changing world through the viewpoint of a military man Torkild Andreas Børresen a.k.a. TAB through his YouTube channel.

TAB’s thoughts is a dynamic YouTube channel where you can get amazon life lessons of this highly dynamic world. This is a channel of a military man named TAB who is also a family man. Being a military man, he has experienced the world from a different view point. He had experienced life in the tough situations of the world. Therefore, he can express his thoughts in a more clear and concise manner.

Nature of Videos

The videos of TAB’s thoughts are generic yet unique in nature. He has shared all kinds of things through his videos like, technology, apps, gender equality, human traits, feminism, mental health, animal love, music, fatherhood, and many more. Let’s check out some of them-


Mating Crisis- HELP! There is no clear path anymore?

The problems, TAB has shared, are kind of serious and understandable. Although his way of viewing the world’s condition is different, you can relate to them at some point of time. World has reached the point of TAB.


For a human being, social life is one of the major parts of life. Due to drastic changes in society, technology, accessibility, and thought processes, there are various aspects of one concept. Torkild Andreas Børresen is sharing his viewpoint in a very clear and concise manner and is trying to contribute his role precisely in society.