Moore Vision is a fantastic YouTube channel created by a thoughtful father for his children. This thoughtful father has autism and ADHD and so do his children as well. He knows the difficulties he has faced. So, Moore Vision is a great attempt by a father to make his children familiar with the world through numbers. This channel is for kids that enjoy numbers, letters, fonts, timers, and much, much more.

Moore Vision

He has used AI tools to create beautiful videos where he is teaching children to be familiar with seasons, types of music, timers, math, calculations, time loop, matrix, Games, Stories, and many more.

This amazing platform is specially designed to help young learners develop a love for numbers, letters, fonts, timers and much more. With its creative approach towards teaching mathematics through fun games and colorful graphics, this channel offers parents an excellent opportunity to encourage their kids’ learning in a way that’s both entertaining and helpful.

Nature of Videos

The videos of Moore Vision are ideal videos for the children and people who are fighting with autism and ADHD. These videos are a boon for them. They can also get to know the world, according to their special world. Let’s check some of the videos

Seasons and their celebrations

Different Types Of Music

This channel can help the autistic people a lot. As here they can learn alot. They can get familiar with the world at their own pace. And most important thing, they can grow themselves in terms of confidence, Personality, and Intelligence. Although, these people have high levels of IQ. But, still this channel can help them in growing.  The Videos are designed in such a way as to stimulate both visual and auditory senses so that you can stay engaged throughout each lesson. So, check out this ideal YouTube channel and find yourself in the world of numbers.