Money is something that holds a lot of importance in the life of each and every person. Money may not buy us happiness and love but it gets us all the resources we need to live a good life. Money gets us toys and entertainment, money gets us good education and health care, money gets us tasty food and provides for our hobbies and whatnot. That’s why every person on earth struggles to earn more and more money.

But wait! Is it really about earning more? Well, yes earning more obviously allows you to spend more, but is that the only way to be able to buy resources? Actually not. It is not always about earning money. Sometimes, in fact, many times, it is also about managing the money you earn and planning your expenditures properly. A whole lot of people end up spending on useless or less useful things and then find themselves unable to pay for their necessities.

That’s why having proper budgets and plans is always helpful and we just found a good youtube channel as well which can help you with that.

Moneynnailz is a youtube channel by a working woman who is also a mother of two children and who is fighting and beating the struggles of her daily life. And she brings us a lot of interesting videos to show how he plans her expenses and the methods she uses.

Being a mother she has financial responsibility for her family as well, along with other big expenditures like debt. But she battles these problems with the help of efficient financial planning and making proper budgets. This helps her to reduce spending on futile items and save for what really matters.

Inspired by the effectiveness of these methods, she decided to share them with all the people on earth who are struggling with their finances. But finances are not to be struggled with but they need to be managed and these videos are going to help you. 

One of the main methods she uses is cash stuffing

It is a practice of only paying for one’s purchases with hard currency, as opposed to electronic or plastic forms of payment such as debit or credit cards. And even the money you are going to spend needs to be pre-divided into different spending categories. The cash is put into category wise envelopes and is opened for spending when the expense needed for that category arises. The entire system is built to keep your impulse spending in check.

If you want to understand how to practically use these methods and a few other ones, then make sure you check out the videos from this channel. No matter whatever your level of income is, having a great way to manage your expenses always leads to a better financial situation and consequently a better life.