Cars are may be the finest and the most exciting invention of mankind. Ever since cars were invented, the craze for them has never gone down. A car takes you wherever you want, it gives you some of your most memorable and thrilling rides and at the same time it is a fascinating piece of art and beauty to cherish as well. May be that’s why everybody loves a car and everybody wants to have one. Some of the passionate car owners love their cars so much that they even treat them as a member of your family, an important part of their life. For all such passionate car lovers and for everybody who loves cars, today we have found a perfect YouTube channel!

All About Cars!

Car World 888 is a YouTube channel that is all about cars. It has all types of videos to satisfy every thirst of you about cars. The channel brings to you: 

  • All the latest car reviews with detailed interior and exterior review and performance review.
  • Various first look videos and regular videos on the list of upcoming cars.
  • Detailed discussions on all the new and innovative features seen in the automobile industry and on various concept cars.
  • Videos on various car events such as launch events, special shows, supercar events, racing events, accidents and so on.
  • You also get some bonus videos on travel and lifestyle!

Let’s see some exciting videos from this channel!

Here is a detailed review on the new MG Marvel Electric SUV. The video gives you all important information including when the model is expected to arrive in showrooms, what is the expected price, what are the various styles and variants in which it would be available and so on. You also get to know about all the features whether interior or performance in detail. And then there is everyone’s favorite section as well in which we talk about and appreciate the design and beauty of the car!

This is a video on the new vision and concept of BMW INEXT! Through this new INEXT vision the BMW focuses to create a car that is more like  a personal space for the driver. Its technology, design, feel and basically everything is driver focused and designed to make the drive feel most comfortable and thrilled at the same time. The new vision also features a very modern, sleek and solid design from the outside and a high tech yet comfortable and elegant feel from the inside. Watch the video to discover more about this new concept car of BMW.

Car World 888 is a world in itself. A world full of fascinating cars and automobiles with pretty much of everything you would like to know and see about them. If you love cars then you should definitely subscribe to this channel and watch all its videos. Have fun!