Farms are the base of our civilization. Even in the age of industrialisation and digitisation, the importance of farms cannot be understated. And when you have animals in your farm, their value just increases manifold. Farm animals not only supply us with several goods such as milk, eggs, meat, and wool but also can be utilised in farming activities like ploughing and tilling the land. Their waste products can be used as manure and fertiliser.

But it’s not just about that. Animals at farms do much more. They are a means of income for a large number of people. They are beneficial to economies, contribute to healthier diets, offer companionship as well. In fact, if you have animals at farm, your farm life becomes much more interesting. Animals become just like your family members, and if you care about them, your business just grows manifold.

So if you want to learn interesting facts about farms, taking care of animals and growing your farm business, then here’s a great youtube channel that you should definitely check out!

Tajir Farms is an amazing youtube channel that brings to us many interesting and useful videos on farm life. Tajir farm is actually a dairy farm, with lots of buffalos, goats, hens and even dogs. They love their animals and that’s why on this channel you will find many interesting animal videos. You will also find a lot of videos on maintaining the health of your animals and keep them disease free and happy.

Nobody likes the heat of summer and neither do animals. Animals don’t get to live in ACs and coolers like us, but they also suffer from excessive heat. It’s important to take care of their health and keep them cool on days of high temperatures. Their good health is also vital for the quality of the products we get from them.

Apart from caring for animals, the farm also does business with its products. And that’s why you are going to find a lot of helpful videos on this channel about improving the productivity of your farm and maintaining the quality of your produce.

Animals are the most important investment in your farms. You can afford to go wrong about them. It is vital to know the qualities of a good animal that you need at your farm. But it is also important to get the animal at a good price otherwise the returns generated won’t be able to cover the cost. Watch the video and get some essential tips.

This is a great youtube channel for anybody who has a farm and wants to improve the health of his animals and his growing business as well. Even if you don’t have a farm, but are just interested in knowing about animals and farm life, this channel has many videos worth watching.