We know that student life is not easy, and particularly for medical students, it’s even more difficult. A student has to devote a lot of time to study, leaving the enjoyment of life behind. He has to be good at planning and preparing for exams. He has to be good at maintaining good relations with fellow students and handling bullies. And if living away from home, he has to be good at making food, managing his home and somehow be able to enjoy life as well in the middle of all this. 

A student’s life is demanding, but great things are achieved through difficult paths only. With the right approach towards the preparation and the right perspective towards life, things can be managed along with enjoying life as well. 

For all such students out there, we just found a great youtube vlog which you will surely enjoy watching, but you will also learn a lot of things from it. So let’s check it out!

Aroosa Malik is a fifth year medical student pursuing her degree at Sofia Medical University in Bulgaria. She started her youtube vlog to share her life as a medical student, her hard work, and the way she enjoys her life in the midst of all this. Her vlogs revolve around her personal life experiences, with a lot of productivity tips, cooking ideas, and fitness sessions as well. 

Check out this interesting vlog from her channel. She shares with us a typical day in her life which obviously involves studying a lot, and doing many other things she likes like cooking (she gets really excited whenever it’s about food), doing her workout session, and she also gets a nice haircut. But apart from all this, she shares with us some important productivity tips about planning and keeping records of our day. Planning probably is the most important thing in the life of a student. A student has to manage a lot of things and without proper plans and records, things easily get out of hand. Watch the video to enjoy life with her and get the important productivity tips as well.

And it’s not over yet! This channel has more for us.

There are many videos to help you improve your life as a medical student along with videos to help you make better career decisions. There are some medical advice videos to help people out with their medical conditions.

If you are a student who is working hard to live the life of his dreams, and if you are struggling with maintaining a balance between studying and enjoying life, this channel has many amazing videos that you should definitely check out. So just watch these videos and do share your experience as a student in the comments area below.