Childhood is the most fascinating age that all of us go through. And there are a few amazing things that make our childhood even more wonderful. What are those things? Well, my kids are crazy about Pokemons and they also love cats and doing a lot of creative art and craft stuff. 

It’s good actually because a healthy mix of fantasy and creativity is perfect for a child’s development and having a lot of fun as well. And if you are a kid who likes to have a lot of fun, indulge in some fantasies and do creative stuff, then you are totally at the right place. Because we have found a really fun youtube channel for all of you!

KittenCat Aubrey is a youtube channel by Aubrey. She is a kid who is crazy about Pokémon, and she also likes gymnastics, doing art & crafts, playing games, dancing, music & all kinds of animals, especially cats! She made this youtube channel to share all the fun she has will all the kids around the world. She makes a lot of pokemon videos plus funny videos with her kittens, art and craft videos, some vlogs and much more. 

So let’s join her on this exciting journey and watch some videos from this channel.

This is an amazing video from this channel in which Aubrey opens some of her best collection of pokemon cards. Pokemons are really fantastical and mysterious creatures which made our childhood adventurous and fun. There are many pokemon each with its own unique powers. Though not available in the real world, pokemon cards give us a chance to pull the excitement of pokemons out of our TV screens and have some real fun. Watch the video as Aubrey opens up her amazing cards collection and see what she has got.

This is another awesome video from this channel in which Aubrey decorates her place for Halloween. Halloween is the favourite festival of many kids as they get to do all the decoration and dress in exciting costumes. Aubrey really likes to do decoration as she enjoys doing all kinds of creative stuff. So watch the video as she decorates the place and have fun.

This is a really great youtube channel for any kid who is interested in pokemons. This channel has a lot of pokemon videos plus many other art, craft and fun videos to keep you entertained. So watch these videos, have fun and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments area below.