It’s amazing how music has the power to elicit feelings in you that you weren’t even conscious of having. And music can do this even without the use of any words.  It only takes a single drum beat or a catchy melody to change the way you are feeling at the present moment. And in fact, it is the simplicity of the expression without the use of any words, that makes instrumental music so powerful. 

Listening to instrumental music can be compared to experiencing one’s feelings in their purest form. It’s just raw emotion. Certainly, there are times when we require that. Sometimes, all we need is a beautiful set of sounds and melodies, that has the ability to enhance our mood and make us enjoy the present moment just the way it is. 

So do you occasionally crave this kind of music? Because today’s blog is just about that. We just discovered an excellent youtube channel with many vibeful instrumental songs, and we can’t wait to share it with all the music lovers. So let’s check it out!

Simon Simonian is a youtube channel solely dedicated to beautiful and soul touching music. Simon is a passionate musician and he knows the importance of music in the lives of common people. That’s why he brings to us this youtube channel to provide us with amazing music and make our lives beautiful. Working over the years on his music skills and receiving a lot of feedback from his fans, he now knows how to make music that can give us just the vibe we want. 

His skill and passion for music reflect clearly in his compositions. Here are some of my favourite songs from his channel. Do check them out!

He produces amazing music along with excellent videos that totally complement the vibe of the music. A great thing that I really like about this channel is that music isn’t just one genre. Sure all of them are instrumental, but Simon keeps the creativity up by using several different types of instruments and their combinations to give us perfect vibing music for our different moods.

Overall, it is a really great youtube channel for any music lover, particularly the ones who love instrumental music. Even if you have never tried instrumental music, then just check out this channel and try some songs. I am sure you are going to find a new way of enjoying music – instrumental music. 

Simon releases all his beautiful songs on this youtube channel so make sure to keep checking, so you don’t miss another great song that can make your instrumental playlist shine. And yes, don’t forget to mention your favourite instrumental songs in the comments below.