The natural world has long held a special allure for humans. And we are captivated by the incredible variety of creatures that inhabit the earth, from dogs and cats to rabbits and hamsters to birds and fish and even reptiles and amphibians.

No matter what they’re up to, it’s always a pleasure to catch up with them and see them again. Having direct contact with an adorable animal is an even more fascinating experience. There are also many baffling and fascinating features shared by all creatures, and it is these that continually pique our interest. It’s like the zebra’s stripes are on every part of his body or like the  Hammerhead sharks have extremely broad faces.

In fact, there is a plethora of more interesting facts to be learned about animals; and if this seems like something that interests you, then here’s a good YouTube channel for you.

Wildlife Free

Wildlife Free is a channel on YouTube that provides fascinating and informative information about animals. Interesting and informative videos on pet behaviour and how to handle them, as well as videos presenting intriguing facts about land animals, ocean creatures, and farm animals, may all be found here. and many more riveting clips from the animal kingdom.

Lets checkout some adorable and intriguing videos from this channel!

Having a pet animal like a dog or cat has always been popular with humans. But these days, the practice of petting rats has recently become trendy and has gained appeal all across the world. Recent studies have even shown that rats can outsmart canines in specific situations. Find out more in the video.

Stories about dolphins showing affection for people are frequently reported in the media. Dolphins’ friendly conduct with humans has been documented from prehistoric times. And there are a lot of cave drawings that show how people and dolphins interacted. Interested in learning more? Watch the whole video.

It’s such an interesting YouTube channel  that any animal lover will like to watch all its videos. If you own a pet, are considering getting one, or are simply interested in learning more about other species, then you will really enjoy this channel.