Spirituality and Trust, are two things that every human being can feel and do in their own way. We choose it by our heart. We all have our own methods and ways to connect with God or our deities. 

Be it a Song, a Melody, A Ritual, or A Fast, there are many other ways by which we connect ourselves with the divine power. Because it makes our souls feel purity. Here is a YouTube channel, which can help you in feeling divine vibes and will add new perspectives to your heart.

Usman Khan Officiall is a YouTube channel by Usman Khan. He is a singer, who sings spiritual songs and melodies. Allah has given the power to his voice and he uses this power in the right place by signing for God and his deity. He sings with purity and is famous for his effortless singing. He uses YouTube channel to spread the message of trust and worship all over the world.  

Nature of Videos

The passion for Salah and Namaj he has shows the colors of purity and peace. The songs are very ethnic and soothing. Singing is always not about notes and tunes. It is also about emotions and feelings. Usman is expressing his emotions through his songs. The videos are also showing cultural variations and devotion. The view of temples and the respect for the rituals are expressed in a beautiful manner. 

His Video Sare Nabiyan has got 42K views. People are connecting with the purity of his singing and devotion he showed through the lovely lyrics.

The view is very pure and soothing which attracts the devotees toward their God. 

Another video named Rabi AL Awal 2022 was also loved by the audience.

The simplicity and originality of this video have attracted 1.4 K views in just 4 weeks. 

Bottom Line

This new channel can help you in having a different but lovely experience of devotion. The purpose is noble and creative. The nature of videos is simple but meaningful. The Singer has the talent to attract the attention of people and music supporters.