Webcams are the camera devices of modern times. They are designed to extend the functionality of cameras to fully featured and multipurpose video capturing and sharing devices. They are generally cheaper than regular video cameras but can record videos in very high quality. They also come with a wide variety of features, such as wireless connectivity, pan and zoom capability, movement sensors, night vision capabilities and so on. All this makes webcams idle for purposes like video conferencing and video surveillance. 

Want to experience the utility and benefits of modern generation webcams for yourself? We have a perfect youtube channel for you that lets you see what webcams can do for you!

WebCamNL is a YouTube channel run by the same-named camera firm, a leading webcam company that was founded over 30 years ago by Unlimited Visions. WebCamNL has its webcams operational across several tourist spots and on its youtube channel, you can find a lot of videos from various tourist spots that are recorded from its webcams. These videos let you experience the amazing features that modern webcams have. Have a look for yourself!

This is a surveillance video recorded from one of the WebCamNL’s operational webcams. It is installed at the beautiful location of Zaanse Schans, situated in the Dutch municipality of Zaandam, near Amsterdam. Enjoy the scenes and life of this beautiful location with the full HD video recorded from a webcam. The high quality allows you to view even the finest details. You may also pan and zoom any part of the recording, and the video retains its HD quality even when zoomed in a lot.

This is another exciting and informative video from this channel that discloses to you the various advanced ways in which modern webcams can be used. With the help of AI softwares you can use these cameras to track objects in real time, set alarms on the basis of what happens and much more!

Besides these, every day this channel also broadcasts a large number of live streams from its numerous cameras located in beautiful tourist spots across the world. You can watch all of these live broadcasts from a variety of interesting and gorgeous locations for free, and see what’s going on there in real time, from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are.

Do take a look at the videos on this channel. These videos will demonstrate the quality and usability of modern webcams to you, as well as dispel any concerns you may have about their value. So, have a look at the videos and let us know what you think in the comments area.