We have entered into the digital world due to the pandemic episode, and it also requires us to find new ways to cope with this lifestyle. A few days back, I was searching for an online portal that offers digital real estate services. The main reason was I didn’t want to do a face-to-face meeting because of the virus and for other safety reasons. And I found this incredible platform which is Rentberry that offers hassle and contact-free rental services and so much more in the featured cities of the United States.

And, I found out through YouTube hence, I had to make a post about it.

This, a screenshot from their channel. A modern design for a modern concept

What is Rentberry All About?

Rentberry is the first-ever digital real estate platform in the United States, with all the investors, property listings, and estate agents in one grand space. They allowed you to have virtual tours that are entirely free. You can submit all the credit reports and maintenance requests without contacting any staff working in the company: isn’t it super cool?

Why I think this is so smart

I think that everybody looking to rent properties in the United States and at the same time doesn’t want to put an effort to go and meet the honest property dealers should consider visiting the Rentberry. They have so many different real estate agents from various backgrounds and ethnicities that show their dedication to provide everyone, regardless of their caste, creed, or color, a lovely and affordable space to live. In the world of scams, they are the light that we all need. You can tell that you can trust them with your personal information and essential documentation like signing rental agreements and just for your information, this online or digital estate dealing platform is their new venture, but they are a very established company in the United States.

But yeah, I got carried away enough from the excitement of the app’s concept so let’s talk about the YouTube channel, as this blog is about…YouTube.

My Picks from Rentberry YouTube Channel

These are my favorite videos on Rentberry’s YouTube channel that helped me understand their platform. You might differ from me, that is up to you, but if you want to know my point, here you go.

  • Rentberry Demo

One of the videos that helped me the most was the Rentberry demo, in which they have explained the complete process of utilizing the platform for renting a space. It is incredibly detailed and well presented, and they have demonstrated every single step for the viewers to get a closer insight. So, I would suggest that instead of going for the website, directly watch their demo, take notes, and then visit the company’s online portal. When I watched that demo, I was extremely shocked to know that more than half a million people are using their website to find properties in the United States. So, I thought that they must be doing something good to convince that many people to trust them. But, after watching the video and understanding the idea, I was no longer that surprised. Try.

  • Rentberry Testimonials

The next one is not a single but three types of testimonial videos of customers, landlords, and tenants. When you visit a platform for the first time, no matter how good it is, you will be a little bit suspicious, so you have certain doubts that you want to vanish. The same was the case with me. Testimonials and reviews are a must for me. When I found those testimonial videos in which the landlords tell the audience that Rentberry helps them get quality tenants without making them wait for months, I got relieved. And same was the case with the customers and tenants who were completely satisfied with the platform’s working mechanism.

  • Investors Intros

But the most helpful videos that I found on the Rentberry YouTube channel were the investors’ introductory short clips. And the best part about those video series was that not all the investors were from the United States; many of them were from Australia, London, and other places in the world. So, when you see foreigners investing in some company, you know it is legit, and you can further integrate your plans with it.

Final Words

That was all about the Rentberry YouTube channel, and I suggest you will check them out for information about property renting and buying in the United States. I am always astonished of how innovation can find new ideas, even on the most simple things such as renting.