The YouTube channel named Joseph is owned by Joseph Whitefield Carrillo, commonly known as Joseph Carrillo. He is a singer and a songwriter. He is considered an all-purpose public figure. The singer has music videos in which he sings himself, and these are cute, funny videos. You will feel happy watching the self-made celebrity singing. The videos are based on acting and singing, and the channel has 1.65 K subscribers, but we will not surprised to see the channel grow even more in the upcoming years.

What Is Special On Joseph Channel?

The videos on Joseph’s channel are sweat and entertaining with his lyrics. He delivers us a message that it is unnecessary to follow in others’ footsteps, that you can (should) create your own ideas. The channel is unique. I found the stuff that is posted lively and motivating. The fantastic videos include A Cappella’, Don’t Black Me Out,’ ‘I am a celebrity,’ ‘You don’t need a school to be a celebrity,’ and many more.

My Favorite Videos On Joseph YouTube Channel

Carrillo is releasing his videos continuously since 2018. His video ‘Ultimate Celebrity Blackout’ went viral on social media in 2018, and he became famous. Unlike other singers, he speaks his heart out. He is not concerned with what others are doing. The content is not copied, and he is an excellent and independent free artist. You can see him enjoying and entertaining himself in the videos.

“I Am A Celebrity”

If you have not seen him before, you should first watch the video “I am a Celebrity.” That is one of my favorite and favorite of all his fans. The lyrics say that I am a celebrity; believe me, don’t black me out. The words are written nicely, and the singer features himself in the video with light dancing and a sweet voice of his own. In his video, he is wearing a black shirt with the name Joseph Carrillo with the words ‘A-List Celebrity’. He is dancing with the magic in his hands, and there are digital backgrounds that change and grab the viewer’s attention. You must not miss the entertaining video, which is also a great song to listen.

Joseph Carrillo – Black Beach Cruiser (Official Video)

The video got sung on the black beach cruiser. The lyrics start by saying that “I saw a celebrity on the black beach cruiser, the bike was so bling… that cars were the losers…” the lyrics are entirely meaningful and impressive. The cute little actions that are natural and not manipulated are extraordinary. The singer speaks himself out through the lyrics of his songs. That is a simple video made at the beach. The place is beautiful, and Joseph says that he is an A-list celebrity and his bike is so good that cars are the loser in front of him.

You Don’t Need School to be a Celebrity

Joseph Carillo speaks about the schools in his video. That might be a motivating video for the people who cannot attend schools in their life. Many people think that if they have not attended schools, they cannot achieve anything in life. Primarily, he focuses on his video that the entertainment industry does not have your academic degrees, but the most important is talent. He says that if one could not perform well in school, it does not mean that he/she can’t become a celebrity. Joseph wants to become a celebrity, and he says that his past in school cannot stop him from being famous.

More about Joseph Carillo

Of course Joseph Carillo is not popular only on YouTube, but all over the internet. You can find his personal website, blogs talking about him and even Google himself, as you can see below

Also Google pays tribute to his popularity and celebrity status. He has his own snippet

But whether on Google or YouTube, crossing path with his content it’s always pleasant. And if you want to watch more celebrity videos there are many more videos on the YouTube channel. You can visit the channel and explore it to enjoy the stuff he has uploaded!