Today I will talk about an excellent channel for the lovers of gaming. The channel name is TT Gaming and has some unique stuff.

TT gaming provides gaming live stream videos, and the YouTuber belongs to Bulgaria. He brings forward the videos of games including PUBG, Battle Royale Solo Win, Attack of the undead, mushroom wars, call for duty, strange Bug, etc. The player is an expert in many games and brings exciting videos for game lovers. If you are tired of watching boring content, you should go to this fantastic channel.

Even if you are not very fond of gaming, you will love it. One can learn tricks and gain enthusiasm from these videos. The channel came into existence on Feb 3, 2012 but started rising just recently, with TT uploading more often and displaying great videos that grabbed my attention, as the one of more than 700 people.

The engaging videos are made on different games. People with all the kind of gaming taste will find it suitable channel for watching the gaming videos. The videos are short but are full of thrill.

Subscribe for great videos…and gifts!

One of the most positive good news for the viewers who subscribe its channel is that the YouTuber has decided to giveaway EXCITING SURPRISE GIFTS after the channel reaches 100 subscribers each time, especially for the people who love to play these incredible, exciting games. The prizes are mostly like a gaming mouse, a keyboard, or BGN 30-50 cash or sometimes a voucher so that you can purchase the prize of your own choice from a selected site. The lucky individual will be one among the subscriber. Also, he has requested the audience to give suggestions if they have a better one.

Which Are My Favorite Gaming Videos On TT Gaming?

Every video on the channel is new and has some fantastic, exciting stuff. The videos are short, and the quality of the audiovisual is outstanding. I enjoy watching each video on this channel. I can find various games on the single-channel, which is even more interesting about the channel. There are many games I explored from TT Gaming, so let me share my top favorite games on the TT channel.

  1. Watch me play PUBG mobile.

Watch me play PUBG mobile is a video showing the game of PUBG ( Player Unkown’s BattleGrounds. Who is not familiar with this famous and prominent game all around the world. The YouTuber has done justice with the game.

I couldn’t embed the video, put if you click here you can watch it on YouTube
  1. Battle Royale Solo Win!

Are you fond of enjoying victories? Then you must know about the Battle Royal solo win. Battle Royale Solo Win! YouTube videos are entertaining. Within few days, there were hundreds of likes on this video. Watch this video and entertain your brain. This video gives me an idea of how to keep alert and pay attention to minute details.

  1. Shipment 24/7 – Domination Разбихме ги!!

The choice of the game depends on your taste. Shipment 24/7 – Domination Разбихме ги!! Another my top most favorite video. That is a short video of only 5 minutes, but I have watched it many times. Every time I watch it, I feel excited about the game. The background sounds of the games feel like you are playing the game yourself, elevating the level of enthusiasm.

Hope you get the complete information about the channel; you should explore this channel if you are a true game lover!