There are various dark forces in nature. There are many supernatural forces as well. They live between us hiding their realities from our eyes. They have big and hidden powers. And while many use their powers for destruction, some also use these powers for good cause. They operate in their mysterious manner but now a dark power is coming to interact with common people and disclose more about it. But in a mysterious manner! Through a youtube channel.

Do mysteries excite you? Are you the kind of person who is on a mission to unravel all the mysterious dark forces of nature and beyond? If yes, then the youtube channel that we are about to discuss will certainly excite you. 

Mysterial Black is a youtube channel by a dark and mysterious power. Nothing is known about it. Nobody knows where it came from and where it has been all this while, or whether it is even a human or not. Nobody knows about its purpose of making this youtube channel. There is only one way to find out. Watch his videos as he gradually reveals more about his powers and objectives. Below we have some videos from his channel. But watch them privately.

Watching these videos it appears that the Mysterial Black is one such dark power that uses its powers for the greater good. It appears that he has some association with the zombies, but not a lot is still clear about it. May be it will be revealed in later videos. He also has some association with the pokemons. And he even has access to the mysterious pokeballs, about which much less is known to humanity. He uses the pokeballs and even knows various throwing styles.

But his powers doesn’t end here. He has made himself capable enough to deserve the Thor’s hammer, and uses the hammer to break the frozen pokeballs, which couldn’t be opened until now by any other known means. He is also a master of various skill and shows us through his videos, how he can easily win various challenges. In one of his videos, he even tells the humanity, the 5 hidden paths to success.

But why is he making these videos? Does he want to reveal himself? Or is there any other hidden and obscure objective behind it? Only time shall reveal these mysteries. And only those who watch these videos shall know the answers.