Weather forecasts are something that let us know about the weather of today and that of the upcoming days in advance. Timely weather forecasts can prove to be really helpful at times. How? Well, imagine before leaving for grocery shopping today, if you had already known that there were high chances of rainfall, you would have surely taken an umbrella with you, wouldn’t you? Or if there were chances of a light windstorm, you would have taken sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust. And you might have completely avoided stepping out in case some extreme weather events were predicted.

But weather forecasts need to be accurate. Otherwise it won’t make much sense. And this is why I keep looking for concise and accurate sources  of daily weather reports. And this time I found one such source on youtube. I like watching some good and refreshing youtube videos in the morning. And what could be better than if along with my morning dose of entertainment, I could get the weather report too on youtube itself.

Texas Weather Channel is a new youtube channel that has been here since February 2021. It is dedicated to all the residents of Texas. Here we can find daily weather updates for all the cities of texas. We get a normal forecast for 6 days, while we also get a detailed forecast for 5 days showing various data like humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, precipitation, chance of rain, presence of clouds and how it feels.

Let’s have a look at a video from the channel.

The best part of these videos is that they are concise. They dont waste any of your time and give you to the point information with short reports of less than a minute. Also when you go to the channel, you will see that all the videos are the same as they simply show you the weather report. There is no entertainment stuff or detailed weather news on the channel as it is, as i said, a channel simply for daily weather updates. And simplicity has its own importance and these kinds of videos are best suited for the time when you are in a hurry and don’t want any detailed news and are just looking for quick and fast information.

As I said, this channel posts specific weather updates for all the cities in the texas. Check you city here – Dallas, Pasadena, San Antonio, Brownsville, Amarillo, Grand prairie, Mckinney, Garland, Abilene, Plano, Beaumont, Arlington, Virginia, Frisco, Midland, Mcallen, El paso, Waco, Houston, Lubbock, Laredo, Denton, Wichita falls, Irving, Carrollton, Fort worth, Mesquite, Corpus Christi, Austin and Killeen.

If you are from any of the above cities, you are good to go. Just tune into the Texas Weather Channel daily morning and get all the important weather information that you need to keep you safe and well prepared throughout the day.