Trading the forex markets is a dream to many. Everybody is attracted by the huge amount of wealth that flows in and out of these markets every second. That’s why everybody wants to trade and extract a part of that wealth for themselves. However, sooner or later, most novice traders learn that trading without deeply understanding the markets can be more of a nightmare than a dream.

Earning a fortune by trading in forex markets precedes years of hard work and learning, which most novice traders overlook. People only see the money. There are only a very few people who are interested in learning. Most are only interested in earning, which in reality is never possible. If you are among such people who are ready to learn and understand the markets. And if you want to trade based on your understanding and not just based on tips which you receive from wherenot, we have found a great YouTube channel for you to help you with your journey.

Trade Forex Like Professionals

Rob Mirlach is a passionate forex trader who has spent years learning and understanding each and every move of the market. His focus lies on the reasons that cause a price move and on the chart signals that can help us spot those reasons and enter a good trade. On this YouTube channel,  you can learn:

  • How to spot those reasons and take a trade based on them.
  • The importance of large orders placed by big banks and financial institutions and how to follow them.
  • How to analyse candlesticks charts with relevant indicators and at multiple timeframes.
  • How to enter a trade with proper money management and how to manage the trade itself after you have entered it.

With so much to learn, what are we waiting for? Let’s see some great videos from this channel!

This highly informative video represents the trading method of Rob himself – the trading ways that he has developed over many years based on his own learning and understanding. He calls it the SMC trading process and according to him this video shows you pretty much everything that you need to take a profitable trade. In this video you will learn what Rob looks for in a chart while he trades, how he does his analysis and how he takes his trades.

This video shows you techniques of risk management. Trading in forex markets is a risky thing. Even the most experienced and learned traders are not totally free of risk when they trade. They also face a high amount of risk but they still turn profitable because they know how to manage that risk. Learn some of the best techniques of risk management with Rob in this video.

This is certainly a great youtube channel for anybody who is interested in actually understanding the forex markets. If you are one of them, do subscribe to this channel and let us know what you learned from it in the comments section below.