Music artists like Bikka dedicate their entire existence to the art of music, pouring every ounce of passion and dedication into their craft. They embark on a lifelong journey filled with endless hours of practice, grueling rehearsals, and heartfelt performances that leave audiences spellbound. Like a painter meticulously blending colors on a canvas, Bikka weaves together melodies and harmonies, creating beautiful tapestries that resonate deep within our souls. His Haryanvi creations are such pure pieces that can touch directly to your heart.


Every note played is an extension of their being – it carries fragments of joy, pain, love, and longing all at once. Music becomes the language through which they express themselves fully – a universal dialect capable of transcending barriers and uniting people from all walks of life in harmony. The stage becomes both sanctuary and battleground as they offer pieces of their soul to the world through each performance. For Bikka and other gifted artists alike, music is not merely a vocation but rather an irrevocable part of who they are – it courses through their veins like adrenaline fueling dreams yet unfulfilled but always pursued with unwavering determination. Let’s have glimpse of some of his creations-

EVERGreen Haryanvi Mashup (Official Video) | BIKKA | Radio Kasoot | Original Mix

Saaman Mai Bholenath|Bikka|Insane Muzic| Latest Bholenath Song 2023| Shiv kawad Bhajan 2023

Bikka, undoubtedly a phenomenal music artist, possesses a gift bestowed upon him by the gods themselves – his voice. It is simply remarkable how he effortlessly commands every note and infuses each lyric with raw emotion and captivating energy. From the moment he opens his mouth, it becomes evident that his vocal prowess transcends mortal boundaries. His velvety smooth timbre takes on an otherworldly quality, enveloping listeners in a sonic embrace that transports them to ethereal realms of musical delight.  With every breath he takes, Bikka’s celestial vocal range traverses vast octaves like a divine instrument of enchantment.