We may not all be passionate readers, but we all have a fundamental grasp of general knowledge, don’t we? And how would you feel if someone rewarded you for answering some of those basic questions? Interesting, isn’t it?

In the span of two years, he has produced 30 videos, each of which has garnered an average of 1.8K views, all thanks to his 3.84K subscribers. It can be said that he is making money and generously giving it away.

It’s highly entertaining to witness people’s reactions when approached and asked about their willingness to answer some questions. It’s quite amusing to see the surprise on their faces. They can’t believe that someone is actually offering free money! However, there might be a few challenges to face in return.

Giving people money to buy tickets || Gold Reef City || Part 1

Feel free to check out LJMash’s channel where he asks a family member some basic questions. Let me tell you how she responds to his queries. She Googles the answers right in front of him. Curious about what happens at the end? Well, just watch the video and find out.

I won’t lie; we enjoy watching people struggle with seemingly simple tasks while we ourselves feel at ease with more difficult ones. It could be cooking or studying. You might be able to decipher Pythagoras’ theorem but struggle with correctly calculating 18*9. Isn’t that ironic?

Putting aside the judgment of others’ struggles, it is quite soothing to see people interacting with random strangers and simply having a bit of fun and vibing with them.

Take a quiz and win || Welkom Gimnasium High School

The truth is, it’s just a form of communication; it has nothing to do with money. Humans are social beings, and when we realize that we’re not the only ones who grapple with these trivial, minor issues, it gives us the boost we need. Therefore, I strongly invite you to visit LJMash for a taste of his vibes.