Being in a natural surrounding and listening to a relaxing and calming tune of music is a perfect way to de stress-yourself. Benefits of being in the presence of nature are well known. Detaching us from the stress and anxieties of our daily lives, it makes us feel closer to our roots, calm and relaxed. And to some extent, the same can be said about music.

Music is more than just pleasant sounds for our ears. sIn fact, music has the power to influence our thoughts in a lot of positive ways. Music with the right frequency, tone, and sound can help us focus better, relax and sleep better, and even heal our emotional injuries.

A perfect blend of natural surroundings and calming music and help you reduce stress, be more positive and live a better life. And if you are a person who is looking for such a perfect blend, then we found a good youtube channel for you right here!

Turtle Tunes is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people relax their minds and bodies by letting go of anxious thoughts. When you need a break from your everyday routine, this channel has scenic and calming nature movies combined with relaxing and calming music that can improve your day. Here you’ll find videos of beautiful landscapes with flowers, rain, rivers, trees, and animals, as well as a variety of natural sounds and ambient music that has been carefully designed and fine-tuned to help you unwind, alleviate your body, and de-stress your mind.

Let’s see some soothing videos from this channel!

The above videos take you to a very relaxing journey to the beautiful landscapes loaded with all the beauty of nature. The flowers and the trees, the birds and the animals, the winter snow, the ocean waves, and many other soothing wonders blended perfectly with ambient music, this channel delivers just the thing you need! 

If you want to get away from the hectic lives of modern times, this is a fantastic YouTube channel to subscribe to. Simply watching these videos will provide you with a relaxing dose of beautiful nature with ambient music, whenever you want and wherever you are. And if you enjoy these videos, please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us by posting them in the comments section below.