Islam is one of the most followed religions in the words. Thousands of people living in different countries all over the world practice Islam which shows them a great way of living their life. The followers of Islam believe that it brings a sense of purpose to one’s life. It provides everyone with a clear-cut cause to live, to carry his or her fair share of obligations, and to make important contributions to the lives of others. 

Through the recitation of the Islamic sacred text “the Quran,” one experiences the divine force and becomes truly submissive to the pursuit of truth and the implementation of appropriate actions. So if you are one who believes in Islam, loves to recite Quran and wants to know more beautiful facts about Islam, then we have found the perfect youtube channel for you. 

Abdul Sattar is a youtube channel that believes that every Muslim has a religious obligation to share the good that Islam has to offer to people all over the world. And they created this youtube channel to fulfil this duty of theirs. Here you’ll find Islamic videos, Waz mahfil, Islamic music, and discussions on Islamic theories and teachings Also on this channel: Tafsirul Quran mahfil (Tafsirul Quran reading) and much more.

Let’s see some videos from this channel!

Islam’s holy book, the Quran, is revered by Muslims worldwide.  Indeed, reciting the Quran on a daily basis has numerous benefits. Muslims believe this book to be a gift from Allah, the All-Wise, and in this video, you will find a beautiful recitation from Quran.

This is another video from this channel which talks about the Islamic tradition of wearing hijab. Muslim women all around the world wear hijab but most of them don’t understand what the Quran or their religion actually recommends, and what is the true meaning behind these traditions. This video offers an insightful speech on this Islamic tradition.

This youtube channel is really a good one for anyone who wants to understand Islam and its practices and recite Quran in beautiful ways. If you are this type of person, just go and watch these videos. You will surely like them.