Are you a passionate video game player? Do you love to play all kinds of fun and adventurous games and master them? Well if yes, then you must have heard about Minecraft. Minecraft is a very different type of game. Most games are limited in their scope. There is a fixed storyline. You start the game, follow the story, make progress and reach the end, and the game ends. Some games offer you choices but even in those games, all the choices and the way they can affect the game is all fixed by the developers in advance. But minecraft is unlimited, there is no fixed storyline, and you can make the game proceed in infinite ways.

In minecraft, you can build unlimited places using various items, totally in the way you imagine. And if you are a little tech savvy, you can even alter the way various items behave in the game to create a rather new experience. And if you love to play Minecraft, we have a good youtube channel for you.

LameApe is a youtube channel by a man who is a passionate Minecraft player. Actually “LameApe is the name of his player profile in Minecraft and he has started his youtube channel by the same name. Through his youtube channel, he shows us his exciting gameplay that he plays with some of his friends. He shows us various strategies he uses. And it seems that he is best or may be most interested in playing pranks on his friends or doing all kinds of funny stuff. 

Lets see some videos from his channel!

In this video, LameApe shows us one of his Minecraft gameplays in which he pranks his friend. He devises a tricky plan, executes it with his cunning skills and also makes sure that his friend doesn’t find out about him being the prankster. His minecraft skills are rather advanced and that we can obviously learn from him.

This is another video from his channel and it is bytheway, not about Minecraft. The man behind this channel has a good sense of humour and as I said earlier. He loves to do all kinds of funny stuff as apparent from his videos. So sometimes he also makes these funny videos apart from the usual Minecraft videos that he makes. In this video, he shows us various camera footage which caught awkwards moments of random people. And he makes it more interesting with his funny commentary.

These videos are super fun plus for a minecraft player, they are a must watch. So if you are a minecraft player, do subscribe to the channel right now, and let us know what you think about its videos in the comments section below.