BPB Podcast or big picture business podcast is a YouTube podcast channel. The channel features two extremely intellectual and cool podcasters, Dominica Lumazar and Rory Carruthers.

In the picture Dominica, a smart and energic woman (screenshot I took from their website)

They talk about marketing strategies, profit-making and business growth. And if you are someone like me who is into marketing or trying to start a new business then you need to watch their videos. Their videos have helped me so much in progressing my business and I’m sure that they will help you too.

What can you learn from this marketing channel?

From treating the client right to increasing your price, BPB Podcast has suggestions about everything. You can tell that both hosts or podcasters are already extremely educated and talented individuals. But when they feel an expert should talk they call other people who are specialists of a certain skill.

In a video where they were discussing designing successful home work routine, they invited the expert Doland White to also have his ideas and suggestions. And I learned a lot from that video because my working discipline was so upset because of the situation going on.*

*Covid, if you are reading this when this pandemic is over already!

What Is The Best Thing About Their Channel?

In my opininion, the best thing about BPB Podcast is that they call experienced and successful businessmen and experts on their channel. And then they talk to them to the point.

Most of the time when you are watching videos like this even if you have an interest in them the elongated time becomes a headache. And then you want it to end as soon as possible. But BPB Podcast has no such issue like that.

Their conversations are straight forward, and their discussions are short and to the point. You will get all the necessary information in 10 to 12 minutes maximum. But that doesn’t mean they skip the important topics and concerns and don’t give them extra attention. For videos like avoiding scammers, they extend their podcast duration up to 40 to 50 minutes. And they cover all the main points and try to help people as much as they can.

source: a screenshot I took from their website

My Top Favorite Videos On Their Channel

Even though BPB Podcast has a lot of wonderful podcasts on their YouTube channel there are certain podcasts I like the most. And those are,

  • The Weekly Wrap up Videos

The first type of podcasts that I love is BPB Podcast’s weekly wrap up sessions. In just 10 to 12 minutes they break down all the important discussion points that they might have discussed in the week. And for people who are extremely busy in their work routines but still want some improvement in their business or marketing methods, they can watch the weekly wrap-ups. Instead of watching the whole week’s videos, they can get information in just 10 minutes. And that’s why I love their wrap up podcasts.

In this videos, they also answer questions from their viewers so questions that you can also ask and hopefully get their expert advise.

  • Call To Action Videos

My experience with podcasts about running a business and avoiding scams have been very strange. The reason is that although they usually tell every possible issue that can be with the business, they never talk about a call to action. And Call to action is super important because after knowing what I’m doing wrong in my business I need to know how to make it right. And none of the podcasters I used to listen to were that clear with their approach. But the BPB podcast is nothing like that. They will break down the right process step by step for you.

So, if you are seeking out to learn techniques to avoid loss situation or increasing profit then visit the official YouTube Channel of BPB Podcasts.

They teached me a lot so I felt like doing an article about them and share their channel with you. I felt like I kinda owe them and I am sure you will learn lots of amazing stuff 🙂

– Lybah