Videos are one of the most effective media for communicating your ideas in today’s digital world. Whether you want to market your product, raise awareness about something, educate people, or entertain them, for these purposes, videos are perfect. But the video has to be attractive to the audience as well. Your videos may have great content, but if they look boring, nobody will watch them for long. That’s because there is huge competition these days. There are many people who are already making videos like yours but with a much more attractive style. Thus, having good content with attractive visuals is the only practical strategy to drive the audience toward watching your videos in today’s world. 

But how do you make your videos attractive? One way is to shoot them at nice locations, and the other way is to use graphics and animations. And if you are looking for free graphics and animation effects for your videos, then we just found a youtube channel that has plenty for them!

Ultimate Uploader is a youtube channel that is all about helping video creators and editors out there. This channel provides you with a lot and lot of video editing assets every day. As you can read in his banner, the channel provides you with 6 assets every day and all that for free as well! These assets include cool youtube CTAs and effects, attractive animated backgrounds, video transition effects, plus many abstract and designer animations and graphics effects that you can use at many places in your videos. Let’s check some of them out. 

This is an attractive youtube end screen. End screens are really important if you are a YouTuber. If a viewer has watched your video till the end, this means that he liked your content. Therefore this presents you with a great opportunity to attract him further by showing him the links to your other videos and an option to subscribe to your channel at the end of the videos. An attractive end screen can help you achieve this goal easily.

This is an amazing transition effect for your video. Most videos are recorded in several shots and then those shots are joined to make the complete video. Attractive transition effects can be used to join any two scenes, particularly when the next scene has something different like a different time period, different emotions, a different story and so on. This makes your content attractive and easier for viewers to understand it as well.

If you are a video creator who wants to make your videos look attractive, then this channel has plenty of effects and graphics that can really help you achieve your goals. So check out these videos and also share your thoughts about them in the comments section below.