The world is a big place with a lot of amazing things hidden all over it. As humans, we live short lives and spend most of it over a small area with a small set of people. But just think about it. How big is the world and how many different experiences you have had and things you have learned if you have had a chance to live in every place in the world. Well, that’s not possible, but travelling is!

Travelling allows us to explore and experience different places in the world. The world is filled with amazing travel destinations. But apart from that each place also has its own culture, its own history, its own politics, different people with different thoughts and attitudes, different tastes and cuisines and so much more. And if you are a person who loves to travel, then you are at the right place.

LeisurelyCALM is a youtube channel by a black guy from the USA. He has a great interest in travelling and exploring the world, understand the people, their history and politics and promote individual liberty everywhere he goes. He made this youtube channel to share with us all the amazing experiences he had and the knowledge he gathered while travelling to different parts of the USA and the world. 

On his youtube channel, you will find many travel videos taking you to some of the best and to some of the lesser known travel destinations. So let’s embark on a journey right now and see some videos from this channel!

This is a really amazing travel video from this channel. The video features a very rare and thrilling experience from one of his tours to the suburbs of Bolingbrook. It’s a village to the southwest of Chicago and there he met a very special friend – the big snake. Watch the video and find out how tourists enjoy their time with this big yet friendly snake.

This amazing video is about a trip to the beautiful Dupage River Park. It’s a wonderful area to spend some quality time in nature with friends or family, and you can take advantage of the beautiful weather. After a long, stressful week, spending a day at the park will undoubtedly help you to revitalise your body and mind. You may go for a brief run in the park, which is adjacent to the Dupage River and has several trails to choose from.

For a person who loves to travel but who don’t just want to enjoy but also want to know and experience the place and its people, this youtube channel is really worth checking out. So watch these videos, have fun, and tell us about your experiences in the comments area below.