Khaled Karrar is a YouTube channel that has terrific instrumental music. For someone like me, who is into fusion music, will take that channel as a delight. Because the music on his YouTube channel is diverse yet connected in terms of the instruments used, there is a collision of multiple cultures and languages.

The artist is Arabian, as the name Khaled Karrar suggests (from Egypt, precisely). And the instrumentals he is putting on his channel are English, German, and Italian song covers, which are fascinating. Even though the artist has just started to put out musical covers, the love he receives from people all around is so heartwarming.

Screenshot I took from his channel

Why I think you should watch Khaled Karrar’s instrumental covers?

How often do people come across Arabians creating instrumental song covers in English and Italian utilizing a Piano but in a very Arabian style? The experience is unreal, especially when people go on the channel with no expectations and get surprised by what it offers. The best part about Khaled Karrar is that he covers classical songs but still has a modern tone. His music is not that loud and very relaxing. So, the people who are not checking out his YouTube channel are missing out big time.

In one simple word: Khaled’s channel is unique.

My favorite personal tracks

Even though all the covers on Khaled Karrar’s YouTube channel are mesmerizing, but three of them were extraordinary for me. And this is the case for every single person. Even if you love an artist, there are some of the songs that you like more than the rest. So, let’s now discuss what song covers I loved the most on Khaled Karrar’s channel.

  1. The Lonely Shepherd – Gheorghe Zamfir

The instrumental cover that drawn me the most towards Khaled Karrar was “the lonely shepherd,” and what a cover it is. And who is not familiar with the soundtrack played in Kill Bill? It’s marvelous and a classic. Honestly, Khaled nailed every second of it. He is a great pianist and added his flavor to the track and made it even more of a blissful piece than it already was. I liked that soundtrack so much out of all because of the nostalgia it creates.

  1. Unbreak my heart – Toni Braxton

Imagine creating an instrumental cover of one of the most popular songs of Queen Tony Braxton. It is like burdening yourself and putting a huge responsibility on your shoulders. The reason is that she has sold more than 70 million record copies in her career. And she is a vast music icon. But Khaled Karrar being Khaled Karrar blown my mind. And honestly, I was not expecting that. He added the spirituality that every Toni Braxton song has, and it was quite remarkable.

  1. Le vent, Le cri – Ennio Morricone

When Non-European artists try to make covers of European songs, they either go incredibly wrong or ace it like no other. Le vent, Le cri is again a classic, and it’s not one of those songs that no one is familiar with, so people will notice the cover of it. Anyway, I had all these doubts when I saw the song cover on the Khaled Karrar YouTube channel. But the moment I started playing the song, I was blown away by the artistry of Khaled Karrar. It was so sweet and not at all sounding like some Non-European has done that.

And now that I have listed here all my favorites on Khaled Karrar YouTube channel, I would ask each one of you to check him out right now and tell me your favorite ones!