Auctions happen all around the world. And they are important. They provide a mechanism of price discovery of several items, deciding a price for which is otherwise difficult. There are several items which are rare and nobody exactly knows what should be the right price for such items. Similarly, there are many other items for which a big market does not exist and thus fixing a price for them becomes difficult. With the help of auctions, a price settlement between buyers and sellers can be easily reached. 

But besides being important, auctions are very interesting as well. Some of the most unique and exciting items in the world are sold using items only. Imagine a very rare wine, or a piece of 1000 year old artefact, an artist’s finest painting, or a bungalow owned by some very famous personality. All such things are sold using auctions. And that’s why auctions attract the interest of people all around the world. And if you are one of them, then you are at the right place. Because we have found just the right youtube channel for you that reveals to you the amazing world of auctions.

James Pratt Auctions is a youtube channel brought to you by James Pratt Auctions Group. It’s a multi award winning auction company that specialises in the sale of real estate through public auction. The group was founded by James Pratt back in 2014 and is widely regarded as one of the leading companies in the world for the auction of luxury real estate. Their youtube channel brings to you some of their most interesting auction moments. Let’s have a watch!

In this video, James Pratt, the Chief Executive Officer of JPA, discusses how he conducted the World’s First Cryptocurrency Based Real Estate Auction. He discusses how investors have amassed over US$135.4 billion in cryptocurrency wealth around the world, and still, they have very limited options of what to do with this money. He also discusses what this means for the world of auctions and its future.

This is another amazing video from this channel in which Matthew Mifsud and James Pratt are some of the most useful and practical Auction Tips for any prospective real estate buyer who are considering bidding on a property at a public auction.

This is surely a wonderful channel for anybody who is interested in auctions, real estate and related stuff. The videos in this channel complement your knowledge and entertain you a little as well. So if you are a person who finds auctions interesting, you should definitely watch the videos from this channel