Today is the era of skill and knowledge. There are billions of people, but only those with good skills and in-depth knowledge of various spheres command most of the resources. In today’s era, if you don’t have the knowledge, you will be left behind. Therefore it is important to always look for something new to learn and keep improving ourselves. But how to learn and from where? 

There are millions of people in the world, all with their unique points of view, their unique skills and unique experiences. The wisdom that these people together command is priceless. Then why not learn from each other! Today we are going to talk about a youtube channel that lets you learn various things and improve yourself through the experiences of various people.

Self improvement & Knowledge

Echelon Orchid is a youtube channel that was made with the objective of improving and becoming the better version of ourselves with the help of knowledge and experiences of each other. On this youtube channel, you will find in-depth discussions with various field experts who can contribute to enhancing our knowledge and understanding of that field. The topics range from personal development like education, mindset, leadership, success, career, startup, business to social issues like women empowerment, poverty, unemployment to larger issues like environmental issues, national issues, legal issues and much more.

Let’s see some insightful videos from this channel!

This is a great video from this channel which talks about the struggles of working women. Even today when the world talks about equality between men and women, it is still not a reality and women who dream big have to fight a lot of stereotypes to achieve what they want. Even those who achieve things in their life have to face additional household responsibilities in comparison to their men counterparts. In these videos, they discuss how some of these women struggle and manage their path to success, which offers us guidance and motivation as well for our own journey.

This is another must watch video from this channel which talks about goals and success. These are the issues teenagers often face a lot of difficulty with. They are confused about what to do in their life, which career option to choose, how to set a goal, and even what is a goal. They eventually talk about what is success and what is the true meaning of success, how the meaning of success can be different for different people and much more.

This is a great channel for anybody who wants to improve their overall personality and knowledge about various fields. There are many great videos on this channel, so don’t forget to watch them and do mention in the comments, your thoughts about these videos.