Present day life is full of stress and anxiety. We get so busy in gaining more in life that we forget to live. We attach happiness with material things like money and the things we can buy with it and partying with friends and doing all kinds of show off things. But all these things ultimately make us sad. We keep on finding happiness in wrong things, but the truth is that happiness doesn’t lie in “things.” And our new youtube channel pick is here to show us where the true happiness lies.

Maps N Bags is a youtube channel by an ordinary girl named Saro, who lives alone in Singapore and lives an ordinary life. Instead of being ordinary she is still happy about her life, and through her youtube channel she shows us how she spent her day in her own way. She is no expert in videography and editing, but she doesn’t bother and simply records her daily life. And people still love her videos because of their simplicity and her enthusiasm for life.

In her videos she shows us everything she does to spend her way. She enjoys her daily chores and does them on her own, without getting frustrated about them. She loves healthy food and veggies and enjoys cooking her own food. She loves to decorate her home with flowers and other things. She loves to do creative things. She enjoys spending time around nature and having pets and playing with them. Sometimes she also spends quality time with their family. In this way she lives her ordinary life by finding happiness in various small things. 

Saro’s way of life shows us that there are no material things or situations that can give us happiness. But the true happiness lies in our attitude towards life and the life and nature present around us. Life is great and there are a lot of good things to do and see and situations to enjoy and we don’t need to earn them. Saro’s videos show us that happiness is naturally present around us and only if we have the right attitude we can find happiness everywhere and in every situation. So get along with Saro through her videos and embrace a positive attitude towards life.