Women around the world have their own way of doing things. They think differently,  they work differently, they do everything differently and bizarrely. Women always give men a hard time understanding them. Men always want to understand women and find ways to impress them but women’s ways of thinking Billi makes their way into men’s heads. In fact, from the point of view of men, women sometimes do totally nonsense things and think of themselves as very intelligent of doing that. Such things make men go crazy and put them in a dilemma. On one hand, men want to impress women and spend time with them and on the other hand, women’s awkward way of doing things make men want to stay away from them. If you are among the men who are dealing with such a dilemma in your life we have found the perfect YouTube channel for you.

Know How Women Think

She belongs to the streets is a YouTube channel that you will love to watch every day. This channel has many videos that attempt to explain to you the way a woman  thinks. Different men around the world share their insight upon women’s behaviour, from which you can learn about the ways to impress them or know if you need to stay away from them. This channel also has several funny videos that show women doing their usual nonsense things and think of themselves as very intelligent. Apart from these, this channel also features many videos that give practical tips on self improvement and being a better version of yourself. 

Let’s see some amazing videos from this channel!

This is a really entertaining and hilarious video from this channel. It is a compilation of several great videos from tiktok that will have you laughing and of course understanding more 

about women. But of course there are those “women special – nonsense to men” things that we can’t understand how hard we try because that is beyond the thinking power of man. But apart from those, this video helps you to understand the much we can understand about women and gives you some great tips on maintaining a better relationship with your help girl. The author took a lot of time in picking out perfect videos to make this compilation. So do watch it for yourself and see all the great videos that it has.

This is another must watch video from this channel in which a man shares his experiences about women. You should definitely watch this video so that you can learn how to impress them or deal with them in the correct manner.

If you want to learn more about the way women think or just want to be entertained and laugh a bit more throughout your day, this is the perfect YouTube channel for you. So watch all these videos and let us know your thoughts about them in the comments area below.