Most of the popular or big news sources these days cater to national or international interests. But local news is very important for the people living in any particular area. That’s because local issues directly affect your life much more than any national issue. Thus it is important for local residents to be fully aware of issues affecting their area. And then only they will be able to do the right thing for themselves.

But in the present world of information revolution, there is a flood of online content seeking to grasp our attention. From endless memes to short videos to blogs, it’s becoming really hard to separate important content from useless or fake content. That’s why finding a reliable source of information is important. And if you are looking for one such source, then you are at the right place. We have found a reliable youtube news channel for the residents of Charlotte, North Carolina!

Queen City News is the official youtube handle of Carolinas’ Own Queen City News, with digital channel number 46. It is a FOX affiliated tv station that broadcasts in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas, and is owned by the Nexstar Group. It provides you with local stories,  in-depth investigations, breaking news, local weather, interesting events and stories, and much more.

Lets see some videos from this channel!

This is a news video from this channel in which the reports share with you the insightful details of food shortage gripping the Queen City due to the Covid pandemic. The pandemic exposed the frailty of the United States’ food distribution system. Food prices have reached an all-time high after more than two years, and racks continue to be devoid of a diverse range of products. As a result, residents’ interest has shifted to purchasing locally produced food in Charlotte region.

This is another interesting video from this channel. It talks about a rare lizard which is  not native to the Carolinas as it was spotted in the city. Animal control officers in South Carolina are on high alert as they discover this critically endangered species of lizard.

This is certainly a great youtube news channel for anybody interested in the Queen City. You don’t have to be sitting in front of the TV set anymore and worry about the show timings as they bring you the best of both the informative and entertaining stories right on youtube. Now you can get all the updates at any place, at any time and be an aware citizen!