In the small town of Mabton, Washington, corruption among officials runs rampant like a poison through its veins. These corrupt individuals have abused their power and authority for personal gain, lining their pockets with dirty money at the expense of honest citizens. From embezzling funds meant for community projects to turning a blind eye to illegal activities in exchange for bribes, these officials have betrayed the trust placed in them by the people they were supposed to serve. Despite attempts to expose their wrongdoings, they continue to operate with impunity, creating a culture of fear and distrust within this once tight-knit community. The residents of Mabton are left feeling helpless and disillusioned as they watch those meant to uphold justice instead pervert it for their own selfish ends. A private investigation journalist has shared his findings and investigations via his YouTube channel-

Auditing Mabton is a YouTube channel where the private journalist shared his investigations and findings of various kinds of corruption and crimes in the Mabton Washington Police Department. In fact, there is the investigation for embezzling funds from the town’s budget, Mayor Ruelas also faced a barrage of media scrutiny and public outrage.

Auditing Mabton

Nature of Videos

The videos of Auditing Mabton are thrilling, mysterious, investigation based videos by the private journalist. With unwavering determination and a sharp eye for detail, the journalists delves deep into the dark underbelly of corruption, uncovering scandals and shining a light on those who abuse their power for personal gain. Let’s check out some of his investigation videos-

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His investigations are thorough and unapologetic, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to expose those who abuse their positions of power for personal gain. The stakes are high as he faces off against entrenched interests determined to silence him, but he remains undeterred in his mission to hold corrupt officials accountable and bring transparency to the people they are meant to serve.


The fearlessness with which he approaches his investigations is truly commendable, as he faces threats and obstacles at every turn. Despite these challenges, he remains unwavering in his mission to hold those in positions of authority accountable for their actions. His YouTube channel titled “Auditing Mabton” serves as a platform for sharing his findings with the world, ensuring that justice is served and transparency prevails in Mabton’s leadership.