The challenges that we face in life are numerous and difficult to overcome. When we are on the verge of achieving success, life throws us a curveball. It leads to us feeling isolated. It brings us sadness. The lifestyle of today is really chaotic. And what hurts us even more is when we become so preoccupied with the acquisition of material goods that we stop listening to our inner voice. Because of this, we continue to lack clarity around the things that we truly need to live a happy life. This makes our lives filled with tension and anxiety. Additionally, it may cause us to have negative emotions.

But you must keep one thing in mind that life is not going to get any easier. It has never been any easier in the past. Our attitude and the way we choose to approach the challenges of life are the only things that can be changed. And this is what actually makes all the difference. For those who want to cultivate the right mindset and adopt better practices in life, here’s a great youtube channel which you should check out!

One Heart One Brain is a youtube channel by Fabienne. She is an advanced student of Dr Joe Dispenza who is a well-known self-improvement coach. Fabienne started to study his books and work a few months ago and it brought many very positive changes to her life. Seeing her life change, she is encouraged to help others improve their lives as well, and that’s why she made this youtube channel to share all the important life lessons and good practices she has learned over time with all of us.

Let’s check out some interesting videos from her channel!

This video focuses on increasing awareness of negative feelings and lowering the intensity of undesirable, unpleasant emotions in your life. Dr Joe Dispenza believes that where you focus your attention is where you focus your energy. For us to truly begin using Dr Joe Dispenza’s lessons and following his meditations, this and other of his ideas are essential. This video will help you to feel happier, reduce tension and worry, and add more joy and tranquillity to your life.

Meditation equates to objective observation. It gives us more control over how we respond to our situations and our life. It helps us stay calm and balanced. It helps us channelise our energy towards the right things allowing us to be more happy and more productive in life. Meditation is easy, although it might be difficult for many to get started. This video shares 6 important tips with us that makes it really easy for us to start meditating and sticking to it.

This is a really great youtube channel for anybody who wants to change his life for the better. If you are ready to take action, then this channel has many videos to help you become a better version of yourself.