There is a lot of wealth and money around the world. But what actually happens with this money? Why only some people are rich and most are poor? Why some countries are making huge progress while others are just dependent on others? All these things are decided by how money moves from one hand to another hand and from one country to another. How an individual person or firm or country uses his money, how they allocate it to their various uses and their vision and ideas about the future makes a lot of difference on what their financial situation is going to be like.

All these things are what we call economics in short. It’s about the decisions we take with our money. While some are really good at it, others are not so much. But whether you one is a common man, a businessman, CEO of a big company, or a minister of an entire nation, these money matters make all the difference. And if you are interested in them, then here’s a great youtube channel that brings to us many important economic insights!

Economies of the world is an amazing youtube channel that brings to us many educational videos about how money is managed around the world. The channel has many videos about how economies of the world work, how different countries put their wealth to work that makes them superpowers, and how you as a common man can also put your money to better uses. 

So let’s dive into this insightful journey and see some great videos from this channel.

The economy of Norway is really fascinating to look into. Norway is consistently ranked as one of the safest and best countries to live in the world, and it also has an extremely high standard of living and a robust economy. The abundance of natural resources in Norway, such as oil and gas, has played a significant role in the development of the Norwegian economy. However, in contrast to the majority of other countries that are rich in natural resources, the Norwegians have taken advantage of their wealth to create a powerful economy. Watch the video to know how Norway made it possible.

Here’s another video from this channel which offers some really practical economic tips. It’s about some great business ideas that teenagers can pursue. A business is one of the best ways to use your money. A well set-up business can easily multiply your money and make you wealthy. Watch the video to learn more.

This youtube channel brings a lot of useful ideas and facts at your fingertips. So if you want to improve your knowledge and grow, then just watch these videos and also share your opinion about them in the comments thread below.