Investing in stock markets and particularly in crypto currencies may seem lucrative to many. Because there is a lot of money flowing in and through these markets. And everybody wants to get in and appropriate a good slice of wealth for themselves from these markets. But is that so easy? And why not a lot of people earn a good amount of money by investing and trading in these markets? The answer is simple, it is not so easy. And what makes it particularly more difficult is that a lot of people rush to invest and trade in these markets, without proper knowledge and understanding of the market or even the earning strategies at all. Our new youtube channel is here to help us with just that.

Crypto&Stock Talk With Jaime G is a youtube channel that was launched in 2015 by a finance and investing enthusiast Jaime G. He is a person who has been tracking stock market and cryptocurrencies and their price movements for many years, and he is here on youtube to share his knowledge and experience with us.

Trading and investing in stock markets seem very lucrative, but it is no piece of cake. And that’s why most people who come here make losses instead of profit. It gets even more difficult in the case of cryptocurrencies because the technology underlying the cryptos, namely blockchain, is rather new and complicated which most people don’t understand. Another difficulty in trading cryptos is that their prices are more based on speculation than the prices of stocks and other instruments.

With his youtube channel, Jaime G aims to make us more educated about these markets so that we invest based on well planned decisions and not just based on gut feeling or hot tips. 

His channel is not a structured course on investing and trading, but what it brings to us is all the recent but relevant news that can affect investment and trade decisions. His videos also give us a good idea about how to interpret this news in regard to the financial markets. Have a look at some of his videos.

Watch these videos carefully, you will surely learn a thing out of all of them. The best part of these videos is their practical approach of discussing the news. In short what you will get out of this channel is to know which news is relevant and which is not when it comes to stock markets and cryptos, and also how to interpret those news in regard to them. So watch these videos and don’t forget to share what you learned with us in the comments section below.