Ye Tibeb Gojo is an Ethiopian YouTube channel about arts and crafts. The meaning of Ye Tibeb Gojo is the “hut of wisdom” in English, which is fair enough. I like to wander on YouTube to find channels from all around to world playing their part to promote their culture through arts. The only reason behind that is that I love anything artistic, whether it’s movies, shows, comedy sketches, canvas painting, poetry, or sketching.

How Ye Tibeb Gojo captivated me?

The variety of content on Ye Tibeb Gojo’s YouTube channel is something that I liked a lot. And the second thing that I somehow noticed was that their style of explaining is not contemporary.

Whether they are male or female, the artists on the channel define everything step by step to the viewers. It is almost like you are sitting physically in a class and learning.

This is a screenshot I took from their channel

Learn new things abourts and crafts

This YouTube channel channel can be beneficial for anyone who has the slightest interest in arts and crafts. And they will only help to expand their vision. When I landed on their channel, I did not expect a poet reading poetry or a dancer teaching dance. But I ended up watching all their videos with lessons on different art forms. And if that helped me, it can surely help a vast audience with a genuine interest in arts.

My top of favorites on Ye Tibeb Gojo

Now it’s time to discuss my favorites on Ye Tibeb Gojo YouTube channel. And before I talk about what I liked I want to say it’s my opinion and yours may differ from that. But frankly, all their content is exceptionally likable at the end of the day.

  1. Five simple Ethiopian Dance Tutorial

The first video I watched on Ye Tibeb Gojo YouTube channel was five simple Ethiopian dance tutorials. Honestly, the video was cute, fun, and informative. And I learned a lot about Ethiopian culture, which felt great. The best thing about the dance video tutorial was the moderate pace. They made me understand that the African dance moves are all about fun shoulder, hands, and feet moving correctly. You can check out that video if you have any interest in learning cultural dance or new dance moves.

  1. Basic Henna Steps
You can learn to do a beautiful henna like this one

Henna is something that I’m crazy about and loves a lot. You can use it to dye your hair in a very maroon tinge. And you can also make pretty designs on your hands and feet with it. Some people also like to paint their nails and make temporary tattoos by using Henna. So, when I saw Basic Henna Steps on Ye Tibeb Gojo YouTube channel, I had to watch it. The experience was surreal, magical, and I loved every minute of it. The Henna artist was very polite and explained its application on hands step-by-step, which is very important to me.

  1. Basic Face Drawing

Let’s admit the fact that we all have tried to draw faces or make sketches in our lives. But I know that most of you don’t have the technique to sketch correctly. But that’s no more a problem because there is a video titled ‘ Basic Face Drawing’ on Ye Tibeb Gojo YouTube channel that makes drawing a face look so easy. From eyes to nose achieving the right face shape, they teach everything about it. It’s a long video, but worth every second.

Here I would like to conclude the article by saying that we all need to support artists from various parts of the world to keep the art flowing. Otherwise, it will all become bland and boring. So give Ye Tibeb Gojo YouTube channel a shot, and I am sure you won’t regret it.