Flying like birds in the sky has been a dream of human beings for generations. Thankfully in modern times, airplanes do give us the privilege to be able to fly. But sitting as a passenger and flying it as a pilot are totally different experiences. A pilot lives the adventure of being in control and he is the one who is actually flying. 

In fact, planes these days are very sophisticated and powerful machines. And man’s love of powerful machines is well known. A pilot gets to control such a huge machine, and direct it to whichever direction he wants to go. Imagine the excitement of driving a car, flying a plane is just like double the excitement. But it’s difficult as well, requiring fast decision making and high level coordination skills on the part of a pilot. But that kind of makes it even more adventurous and if you want to be a part of flying adventures, plus learn some stuff related to it, then here’s a great youtube channel for you.

Pixels & Planes is a youtube channel from Ryan Johnson, who is a professional pilot as well as a flight instructor. He is really passionate about his work where he remains surrounded by planes and operates many flights. He finds his work really exciting and adventurous and that’s why he made this youtube channel to share his everyday adventures with all of us.

On this channel, you will find several on flight videos which capture a pilot’s experiences of flying a plane, which may include many difficult situations like flying in storms or satisfying moments like simply enjoying the scenery from up above. 

Here is an amazing video from this channel. It takes us on plane rides, but unfortunately, they weren’t the easy going ones. Driving planes and managing them in mid air is already a bit of a difficult task. And things get disturbing if the weather is not clear, let go of the storms. At such moments, it all boils down to the skills and experiences of the pilot. Watch the video to enjoy some plane riding adventures.

Apart from these, you will also find many guide videos on becoming a pilot, including the steps involved in becoming a pilot to some practical videos on flight training. 

In this video, Ryan talks with a pilot and together they discuss the journey of becoming a pilot. What you need to be eligible, what training you need to get, how much time it takes, what are the challenges that you need to face, and many other important topics are part of this discussion. 

If you are someone who wants to be a pilot, or you just have an interest in these amazing flying machines and the experience of flying them, then this channel has many great videos for you. So do check them out and also drop comments about your more interesting plane journeys in the area below.