Today we live in a digital world. A world where we have screens all around us, be it a smartphone, a laptop, a television or a digital billboard. The visuals displayed on all these screens have a considerable influence on our lives. Visuals and graphics are the most important medium of communication today. Whether it’s an advertisement, a product packaging or an entire movie, graphics and visuals play a huge role everywhere. 

Graphics are visually attractive which pulls the interest of the viewers. Digital graphic design also gives us the ability to carve out our imagination which allows the ideas and information to be presented much more effectively. In fact, digital softwares plays a big role in allowing us to make the best designs. And today, there are many great softwares available, both free and paid to help the designers up their game. 

Graphic design softwares can be a bit complex to use at first, but once you know how to use them, they are not that difficult. And if you want to get better at using them, then here’s a great youtube channel that you should definitely check out.

In the know is a youtube channel that brings to you the best graphic design tutorials. There are several design programs available today each with its own sets of features and tools. Working with each software requires knowledge of its unique features and tools and you only get better over time. But if you want to expedite your learning curve, this youtube channel brings us a lot of practical and easy tutorials from several popular design softwares. 

Let’s check out some interesting tutorials from this channel!

Affinity Designer is a piece of software that is both capable and dependable. It is really smooth and efficient while working with vectors and graphic designs. It is very affordable despite its potency and the top alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Watch these tutorials and master this amazing software.

Pixelmator Pro is a wonderful choice for anyone who is interested in making use of the powerful editing capabilities for editing photographs. Pixelmator Pro can simplify the editing process for you, even if you aren’t a particularly skilled photographer. Here’s a tutorial on an important tool called the eye drop which is going to help you a lot in your editing projects.

This youtube channel has several useful video tutorials. Each tutorial is designed to make it easy for the graphic designer to work with the design softwares, so that they can express their creativity and imagination at their best. So watch these videos, learn all the important methods and become a better designer.